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The Rise of Dell Computers essays

The Rise of Dell Computers essays In 1984, at the age of 19, Michael Dell founded Dell Computer with a simple vision and business concept that personal computers could be built to order and sold directly to customers. Michael Dell believed his approach to PC manufacturing had two advantages: (1) bypassing distributors and retail dealers eliminated the markups of resellers, and (2) building to order greatly reduced the costs and risks associated with carrying large stocks of parts, components, and finished goods. While Dell Computer sometimes struggled during its early years in trying to refine its strategy, build an adequate infrastructure, and establish market credibility against better-known rivals, its build-to-order and sell-direct approach proved appealing to growing numbers of customers in the mid-1990s as global PC sales rose to record levels. And, just as important, the strategy gave the company a substantial cost and profit margin advantage over rivals that manufactured PCs in volume and kept their distribu tors and retailers stocked with ample inventories. Going into 1998, Dell Computer had a 12 percent share of the PC market in the United States, trailing only Compaq Computer and IBM, which held first and second place in the market, respectively. Worldwide, Dell Computer had nearly a 6 percent market share. The company was gaining market share quickly in all of the world's markets. The company's fastest growing market for the past several quarters was Europe. Even though Asia's economic woes in the first quarter of 1998 resulted in a slight decline in Asian sales of PCs, Dell's sales in Asia rose 35 percent. Dell's sales at its Internet Web site was averaging $5 million a day and was expected to reach $1.5 billion annually by year-end 1998. Since 1990, the company's stock price had exploded from a split-adjusted price of 23 cents per share to $83 per share in May 1998. Dell Computer was the top-performing big company stock so far during...

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Business Plan For Early Intervention Education Essay

Business Plan For Early Intervention Education Essay The purpose of this paper is to show the need for early intervention for infants and toddler with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. Kitkat the Educators program will prepare disabled students to excel at a young age, by teaching, training stimulating the mind to create an atmosphere to function outside of one’s self. Kitkat is not like the competitors, this school will focus and offer advance communication skills (technology) to encourage speech, physical strength, academics, top of the line technology, after school tutorial, recreational, craft and dance. This disability has created a need for quality child care development and training to help children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities to be successful in life. Also, the owner focuses on parent trainings, parents turn to for support, reassurance, and hope when faced with the uncertainty of their child’s future. It is important for parent participation as long as their child receives services from the scho ol. This program will focus on parents learning all techniques use in the classroom in the home, and community. History of Organization Kitkat is a privately held corporation run by its owner, Cathy Austin, who has 20 years of experience teaching students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Autism (A). The owner is certified as special education teacher and highly qualified by the State of Georgia. The owner currently has a bachelor degree with a concentration in mentally retardation. Which is now known as intellectual disabilities? The owner will be supported in daily operations of the school by a consultant, a campus director and certified educators with experiences in the child care field. Intellectual disability (ID) is now more common amongst autistics than in the general population. Overview: According Ackerman, (2011) â€Å"The increasing prevalence of Autism has been recognized as the fastest growing developmental disability in the nation, affecting one in 88 children. It is now the third most common childhood disorder, more common than Down syndrome and childhood diabetes combined. In turn, parents need to be informed of the assessment, treatment, and intervention resources available to help their children if diagnosed with autism. At the center of KitKat the Educator, we want to reassure parents that there is hope, and through our services, individuals will be able to maximize their potential. KitKat has established itself as the institution that parents turn to for support, reassurance, and hope when faced with the uncertainty of their child’s future. We want to reassure parents that there is hope, and through our services, individuals will be able to maximize their potential.† To most effectively meet the needs of children with autism and their families, KitKat the Educator has developed a training and education center scheduled to open in 2013. Ackerman states (2011) â€Å"this new initiative will create a more timely early diag nosis screening for infants and toddlers who may be afflicted with Autism. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP) will be hired to meet the ever-growing demand for extensive evaluation, assessment, and treatment services. KitKat will work collaboratively with local service providers, and school systems, to create a progressive and comprehensive treatment facility to best serve children’s needs (Ackerman TACA, 2012).†

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Skilled Nursing and Continuing Long-Term Care (SLP) Essay

Skilled Nursing and Continuing Long-Term Care (SLP) - Essay Example People go to SNFs when they need assistance with their medical treatments. These patients are mostly on respirators, feeding tubes, or a variety of other problems which need medical treatment. SNFs are the second choice after hospitals as these patients are treated fully in the hospitals but need constant care and assistance. The nurses in SNFs are trained professionally in dealing with patients and medicines. They provide patients with 24 hours care but these facilities are smaller than normal nursing homes (Rosdahl, 2008). The advantages of SNFs are that they are much smaller than hospitals or regular nursing homes which mean that the patient would get full attention and would be easily able to call the nurses for their needs. If the patient is not satisfied with any part of the facility, it will be easier to reach to the social workers and a solution is given immediately. SNFs are also more focused towards rehabilitation and healthy living with activities such as regular physical therapies, occupational therapists visiting, and speech therapies for patients who need it. They also take care of the emotional, social, and spiritual well being of the patient. Most importantly SNFs have nurses that provide patients with the direct care. They have a professional team of individuals that belong to different fields such as nurses, therapists, physicians, social workers, etc. They provide the patients with the needed treatments and are available all the time (Rosdahl, 2008). There are some disadvantages and dangers to the use of SNFs which are recently greatly developed. These disadvantages are due to the complex and deteriorating system of long term care in the U.S. Many patients go directly from Intensive Care Units to SNFs where they need critical care but because the nurses are paid lesser, their efficiency levels are lower, and that affects the care given to the patients. SNFs have dangers such as medication errors, falls, and spread of infections. There

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Content analysis - have gun will travel Research Paper

Content analysis - have gun will travel - Research Paper Example The stories were both hero myths and tales of American perseverance and fortitude. The Western hero represented a male ideal that could only have existed in a lawless world, but who represented the organized powers of the American government which was invulnerable to enemies both foreign and domestic. The gun as a source of power was also representative of the technological superiority of American industrialization (Tucker & Tucker, 2008). The United States had undergone great strife during the time that the Western genre was in its height. The image of the Western hero proposed a foundation of historic strength through which the American self concept was reinforced. The following paper will look at the nature of the Western as it related to the national civic imagery through which patriotic pride was built and sustained. The radio program that had been inspired by the television program was a textual promotion of the symbols that appeared on the television program, the might of the American righteousness promoted without regard to authority or law. The radio program Have Gun, Will Travel was popular because of how the American mythologies were built as reflection of the philosophical foundation upon which the American myths have been perpetuated. In the 1920s the radio was the center of the first burst of information consumption in the United States. Both news and entertainment could come directly into the homes of the masses, creating a world that was just beginning to grow smaller merely through access. Ware (2009) writes of several different perspectives on the effects of the radio. Some believed that the radio worked as a medium through which to perpetuate stereotypes, the concept of cultural differences boiled down to indicators through which to identify everyone within a culture. There was also the fear that it would act to flatten the nation, geographical

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Dinosaur Essay -- essays papers

Dinosaur Dinosaurs: Extinct or Natural Causes As geologic time goes, all the dinosaurs living on earth suddenly disappeared. How did these dominated and gigantic creatures really die? Was it a slow extinction through natural causes, or did it happen suddenly? These questions give rise to many different beliefs on how the dinosaurs disappeared over sixty-five million years ago. Something happened sixty-five million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period that was so devastating that it altered the course of life on earth. Extinction is easily defined: the birth rate fails to keep up with the death rate. However, the definition does not answer the question about the nature or causes of extinction. Since so many different causes of death of the dinosaur arose, paleontologists generally divide extinction into two main types. The first is called background extinction, or the isolated extinction of a species due to a variety of cause. Included in these background extinctions is out competition (the fight of the food), depletion of resources in a habitat, changes in climate, development or destruction of a mountain range, river channel migration, eruption of a volcano, the drying of a lake, or the destruction of a forest, grassland, or wetland habitat. The second type of extinction is called mass extinction. There are four main components: Large numbers species go extinct; many types of species go extinct; the effects are global; and the effects occur in a geologically short period of time (Encarta). The dinosaur could not have lived forever. No creature, plant, and bacteria are forever, not even Homo Sapiens. Extinction is the ultimate fate of all species. One theory on how the dinosaurs became extinc... ... environmental crisis may have spelled disaster for the dinosaurs. It had to be so sweeping that it affected countless other forms, including the dinosaurs. It is how these successful creatures were eliminated from the planet is a fascinating mystery. however, scientist cannot determine how dinosaurs really became extinct. Perhaps something fell the sky and struck the planet causing a huge dust cloud, utterly shutting out the sun and forcing the dinosaurs into extinction. But why did the little mammals survive, or the crocodiles and birds? Current evidence suggests that the sun or a â€Å"greenhouse effect† terminated the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago (Colbert). Bibliography: Colbert, Edwin Harris, 1905- Dinosaurs; Their Discovery and Their World. New York, E. P. Dutton & Co.,INC., 1961, 1st ed. Encarta Encyclopedia Article, "Dinosaur", 2001

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Negative Sites on Abortion, Helping Make a Dignified Choice

Every year in the United States, 25% of pregnancies are ended in abortion. This number may seem quite high, but it is actually on the decline and is much lower than several other countries. These numbers are extremely high for one main reason. That reason is a lack of education. When young women become pregnant they feel the only alternative to having the baby is abortion. This is wrong and that is why we must educate the public to bring the abortion numbers down. The abortion issue has two sides. Pro-lifers believe that a human life is created at conception. Pro-choicers believe life begins at birth. Both groups have the common goal of minimizing the number of abortions, but have different ways of accomplishing that. For example, pro-lifers believe abortion should be illegal, while pro-choicers believe that it is the woman†s body as well as her choice. The other main differences lie in the definitions of several key terms. For example take the word pregnancy. Pro-lifers believe pregnancy starts at conception, while pro-choices believe it starts at the time of birth. To bring down the abortion rate, we need to focus on the factors causing the problems (Baird). I believe the main factor is a lack of education. If we started to educate children earlier about pregnancy, we would see a drop in the number of pregnancies and abortions. While this technique may be long and expensive, it is the best remedy for the long run. There are several ways we can implement this technique. We could develop a program similar to D. A. R. E. , in which it is demanded for students to take classes. D. A. R. E. , which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, has been especially successful. The purpose of the program is to inform children that popularity can be found in positive and nonviolent behavior. The program also helps children feel a sense of belonging that stresses their values. D. A. R. E teaches children valuable lessons concerning drugs and alcohol abuse. The program helps the children to lead better, fuller, and more satisfying lives. Research done by the D. A. R. E. program showed that for every $1 spent on drug abuse prevention, communities can save $4 to $5 in costs for drug abuse treatment and counseling. It was also found that in the past two years, drug abuse has either stayed the same or declined. The program has seen this type of success since it started in 1983 (D. A. R. E. ). I believe a class like this concerning abortion and pregnancy would have similar success. The class would inform the children on the purposes of sex and pregnancy. It would teach them the importance of sex and why you should wait for the right person. This would directly tie into abortion portion of the class. The class would tell why abortion is wrong and what alternatives there are to abortion. They would learn how contraceptive methods such as condoms are used to prevent pregnancy, while abortifacient techniques are used to end a pregnancy that has already begun (Prolife. rg). Some other common forms of birth control the students would learn about are diaphragms, cervical caps, contraceptive pills, and emergency contraception pills or â€Å"the morning after pill. † There are some other alternatives to education. One of them is making abortion illegal, but at this stage it is impossible. As the public continues to become more educated, the abortion rate will go down as will the opinion of abortion. At this stage there may be a possibility of making abortion illegal. But until we get to this stage, making abortion illegal is not an option. There is hope though, because the public's opinion of abortion has been changing. A CNN Poll in 1998 showed that only 31% of men and 32% of women were advocates of abortion. A similar poll was taken in 1980, which showed that 52% of the population believed in some form of abortion. Other than education, making it illegal would be the main goal. Obviously abortions would still happen, but now the number of pregnancies each year would dip under five percent. I also believe that more pregnancy clinics are needed. Pregnancy clinics help to spread the word to the public concerning pregnancy. I believe simple things like free condoms are a start to remedy the problem (Religioustolerance. org). As mentioned earlier, education is the best way of dealing with the abortion rate. Education at a younger age helps to control pregnancy and it informs involved parties of the alternatives they have. Not only would the abortion rate and pregnancy rate drop, but so would the number of sexually transmitted diseases. Although every woman has the right to abortion, I believe that many women would change their decision if they knew of the alternatives.

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How Students Can Avoid Procrastination - 1303 Words

How Students Can Avoid Procrastination The definition of procrastination is the act of putting off or delaying a task, especially one that requires immediate attention. Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators (Marano). Procrastination is arguably one of the biggest problems for students at all levels of education and there are many factors that can contribute to it. Typically, procrastination starts to present itself on a greater scale when the task or assignment at hand becomes more difficult. Life s challenges scare procrastinators, so they delay to shield themselves (de Waal). Just like with any other major issue, a procrastinator must first admit to having a problem and then think of strategies to possibly overcome it. Whether a student is a freshman in high school or a senior in college, procrastination is most likely the number one setback in keeping him/her from completing an assignment on time and efficiently. The most effective solution for st udents that procrastinate is to eliminate all unnecessary items of technology. Technology has become perhaps the biggest influence on people of this generation, and will also be the biggest influence on people of generations to come. Adam Gazzaley, professor of neurology at the University of California, explains that technology has grown so fast that it challenges the brain’s cognitive control system at its very core (Morgan). That being said, one can not help but notice the amount of youngShow MoreRelatedWe Must Work to Overcome Procrastination Essay1486 Words   |  6 Pageswith our behaviors, our emotions, moods, and personalities. A lack of self-control that keeps us from achieving tasks with our full potential. Procrastination by definition is the act or habit of putting off or delaying something. Procrastination is a problem that has been increasing amongst many. Many believe it is most common amongst college students but it is actually a problem that is experienced by different demographic groups including: stay at home wives, workers, and children. And whileRead MoreEssay on Different Types Of Procrastination715 Words   |  3 PagesAccording to the text, procrastination is avoiding the less important things in one’s field of study or interest and paying attention to the more important things pertaining to one’s field of study. For example, if a student is seeking a degree in psychology and has an assignment due, he or she might forgo shopping to complete that assignment. Good and Bad Procrastination written by Paul Graham, with the purpose being about different types of procrastination include the difference between procrastinatingRead MoreProcrastination : The Problem O f Procrastination Essay1091 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieve that procrastination is derived completely from laziness but the culprit could be multiple things, including perfectionism. This can become a huge problem for perfectionists, especially perfectionist students. They most likely will overthink projects and put off getting started because they’re afraid they won’t be able to make them as perfect as they want them to be. Luckily this is a common issue among students and there are many different techniques to cope with it. Students can overcome procrastinationRead MoreA Contagious Disease1565 Words   |  7 Pagesluxury of your own bed... Mmm... Or-- not. At least in my case. At 1:00am, you’ll most likely find me at a desk, completing some impending assignments that I decided to do last minute. How did I get here? Well, I’m a victim. No, not of terrorism, and surely not of a deadly contagious disease! But- Procrastination. Chances are, you are too. The habit is often looked and now has intervened its way into society- unfortunately. If you think you’re doing yourself a favour, you’re only risking the chancesRead MoreProcrastination On The Web And Turns Out1131 Words   |  5 Pagesis called procrastination. According to the dictionary, it is pronounced as [proh-kras-tuy-ney-shuhn], it is a noun which means-the act or habit of procrastinating, putting off or delaying, specially something requiring immediate attention, they also gave an example, â€Å"she was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late almost every assignment.† Funny that I have heard that said about me once or twice but let’s face it, I’m not alone on that one. Reading about procrastination on the webRead MoreStrategies for Overcoming Procrastination1081 Words   |  5 PagesStrategies for Overcoming Procrastination Keanna Jones Gen 200 March 18, 2010 Instructor: Jenta Young â€Å"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step† says Martin Luther King Jr. (Finest Quotes, Lift Your Spirit Up, 2010). Sounds simple enough to some, but for many people taking the first step can be quite difficult. In other words, putting off something intentionally that should be done is called procrastinating (Merriam-Webster, 2010). There are lots of reasonsRead MoreWhat I Had A Year1505 Words   |  7 Pagesmy paper because nobody can work well with an empty stomach. Finally, I had to spend all night for picking a topic, finding information and writing six pages about procrastination. Since I commit that I am a procrastinator, I want to know more about procrastination. Plus, I want to understand how procrastination can push me far away from achieving my goals as well as its negative effects; I decided to make a research about it. And my question was â€Å"What is procrastination?† I already knew that almostRead MoreI ll Do It Tomo rrow Essay1210 Words   |  5 Pagestalking about? Well, I’ll explain later. The opposite of what I was meant to do is what we call procrastination. According to the dictionary, it is pronounce as [proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuhn], it is a noun which means -the act or habit of procrastinating, putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. They also gave an example, â€Å"She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.† Haha, funny that, I have heard that said aboutRead MoreCause and Effect -- Procrastination Essay768 Words   |  4 PagesProcrastination â€Å"I’ll stop procrastinating†¦Tomorrow.† This is a mindset that is possessed by a majority of students today. Although putting off writing that English paper until the night before it is due may not seem like a big deal, it has many harmful effects. In fact, what better topic is there for that English paper? Very few are spared from the epidemic known as procrastination. Even less overcome this issue. In order to successfully defeat procrastination, we must first understand it. Read MoreMy Goals Are Important And Goals In Life1466 Words   |  6 Pagesnot ask myself about what lies forward in my future ahead. We do not realize how goals can be important and exciting in our lives. It is a distinct thought that we do not often ask ourselves â€Å"where am I headed and how will I get there?†. Our goals make us who we are and what distinguishes us from other people. There are moments in our life where we have time to think about what lies ahead, and when we do, we worry how we are going to pursue to head to the direction. There are many pathways to endure